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Reinforcement Strut Installation Lynchburg

Garage door strut is a top bar which is normally U-shaped that prevents the top sections from bending. The warping of the top sections happens when there’s an opener. The strut is commonly used on the doors that are 10- foot wide hence the strut should measure up to that width. Due to exposure to moisture and other environmental factors, the strut may rust or get damaged. In this case, replacement is in order best performed by a skilled Lynchburg, VA garage door repair man. However, the following DIY steps may help:

Measure the door’s width

Before buying a strut, ensure that you’ve taken the right measurements of the width of the door. This helps in buying the correct size of the strut for adequate protection. If you aren’t sure of the required size, engage a garage door technician in Lynchburg to take the measurement and advice you on the best strut material to invest on.

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