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Overhead Door Cable Fix

Are you in need of garage door cable repair?  If your garage door cables are starting to wear, you should repair them immediately to avoid further problems with your home’s security. Lynchburg Garage Door, we carry all sizes and diameters of cables and can replace them quickly.

Worry Free Repairs and Replacement

Most importantly, we provide  emergency garage door cable repair services seven days a week if appointment is set. We are here to fix your overhead doors after working hours, once your appointment is set with our sales team . Our technicians are experts in repairing garage door cables. Above all, we dedicate an immense amount of time training our technicians to perform jobs with the safest methods in the industry. In short, we will take care of that troublesome cable in the safest and most efficient methods to safely secure your home.

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Garage Door Cable Replacement

At Lynchburg Garage Door, we go above and beyond to ensure we have the necessary garage calibration tools to efficiently get the job done. We carry every length of cable needed to save you time and further repairs. In addition to cables, our technicians carry a complete selection of garage door parts to repair additional components as needed.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are pleased to offer a 100% guarantee on any work that we do, including repairing your garage door cables. As a result of the dangers that garage door cable repair can bring, we do not advise you to attempt to repair these cables on your own.


Installation Hazards

Although you might think you are saving money by doing it yourself, you could potentially injure yourself due to the tension and weight of the garage door components. You need to have a licensed specialist to install these cables to the exact specifications of your particular garage door.


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